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Many times, we are asked what the best time to travel to the Harz area is. During the winter and summer months many people go to the Harz region to seek relaxation. But that doesn´t mean that autumn and spring are not a good time to travel to the North German mountain range. On the contrary: If you are looking to spend a relaxed and quiet holiday, the off-season gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature peacefully. The Harz Mountains offers something for everyone throughout the whole year. Hiking, biking, skiing, tobogganing or water sports – every season offers the right activity for families and children.

Winter holidays in the Harz Mountains – skiing and tobogganing fun

Winter is the best time for skiing holidays in the Harz Mountains. The moment meteorologists forecast the first snow in the Harz region, the number of guests rises steeply. In many places hosts are prepared for so many guests. The Harz ski runs are being groomed. You find ice rinks in many places where young and old ice skaters are welcome to skate around and enjoy the lovely winter air. Families with children usually go to the toboggan runs. For those who’d like to take it slow this year why not go on a long stroll through the winter wonderland.

Early spring days in the Harz region

In the Harz region it usually takes a bit longer for spring to come around. More nature starts to bloom and blossom when the last bits of snow melt. For the ones who would like to relax and rest after a long winter they should travel to the Harz area during spring to catch the first rays of sunshine and experience nature´s early spring days with all their senses.

Autumn sun and enchanting blaze of colours – the best time of the year to go hiking in the Harz Mountains

Autumn is, especially for hiking holidays, a popular time to travel to the Harz area. It belongs to a touristic region in Germany which has a long tradition. Poet Johan Wolfgang von Goethe hiked up the mountain Brocken and wrote about his deep impressions in his work. In those days hiking in the Harz Mountains posed certain dangers. Now the hiking trails are safe but still offer a lot of adventure. If you don´t feel like walking, then take a bike to explore the region. For an even more adventurous time you should go rafting or even paragliding.

Hikers, romantics and adventurer enjoy the Harz area the most in October. Once the leaves turn red, brown and golden, the region becomes quieter. Nonetheless, many tourists choose to travel to the Harz area purposely. The conditions for long hikes or bike tours are ideal in September and October.

The autumn sun makes the mountain sides sparkle in a beautiful blaze of colours. The now longer evenings invite you to have a romantic dinner or a lovely gathering with friends.

The best time to travel to the Harz region

As you can see, it is not easy to determine the best time for a holiday in the Harz region. Depending on your personal preferences, every season can be ideal for holidays in the Harz Mountains: winter sportspeople obviously go there in winter to go skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, hikers love to go there in autumn and in summer mountain bikers cruise through the forests. And for families with children the Harz region is the ideal place to go throughout the whole year. Therefore, we are not shy to say that the Harz area is worth traveling to no matter which season.

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We love travel blogs: So called travel bloggers talk about their travelling experience on their websites. Most of these posts are about exotic countries including stunning holiday impression which make you want to pack your suitcase as well. But it doesn´t always have to be Thailand, Bali or New Zealand. We were delighted to see that many travel bloggers who went on a family vacation or hiking and trekking tours explored the beautiful Harz area. Therefore, we would like to present to our readers interesting posts about the Harz region from the blogger scene on our hotel blog in the future.

These travel blogs tell you more about trips in the Harz area

A ride on the Brocken Railway is a great experience: Taking the train up the mountain at a comfortable speed is an unforgettable trip for young and old! The Bravebird travel blog gives you useful tips about a trip to the mountain the ‘Brocken’. The family blog Motte offers you an interesting post and many beautiful photos of a trip to the hiking path ‘Baumwipfelpfad’ in Bad Harzburg.

City dwellers appreciate the amazing nature of the Harz region as well – no matter what time of the year. The blog written by berlinfreckles talks about a beautiful weekend trip with lovely autumn weather in the Harz area. The blogger also says that this trip brought back lovely childhood memories of hers.

Not only parents like to take their children to the Harz Mountains: Many grandparents love to spend a great weekend with their grandchildren in beautiful Germany. Gabriela tells us in her travel blog about a delightful Easter weekend with her grandchildren including trips to the visitor’s mine of Rammelsberg, to the Wernigerode Castle, to the aviation museum in Wernigerode, to the Oder Dam, a ride on the Wurmberg cable railway to the highest mountain in the whole of Lower Saxony (the second highest one in the Harz region after the ‘Brocken’) as well as going to see the bonfire on Easter Saturday in Saint Andreasberg. Quite a tight programme for just one Easter weekend!


The Harz region is also perfect for hiking tours with dogs. Dog owners should only keep in mind to leash their dogs while hiking. Next to all the well-known sights, the Harz area offers many exciting insider tips. Maddie presents one of these in her travel blog: the hiking trail Scheeptal. You don’t need to go far to experience amazing things: The Globetrotters give great tips on their blog about father and son trekking in the Upper Harz.

Also quite popular with hikers: the 11 km long hike “the Kästeklippentour”. The hiking trail was awarded by the “Deutsches Wanderinstitut “(German Hiking Institute) to be a premium trail since it offers bizarre rock formations which you can admire in Torben´s travel blog. Have you also spent a holiday in the Harz area and wrote a blog post about it? Then please post a link in the comments. We´d love to read about your impressions.

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