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Uns wurde für das Jahr 2014 der beliebte Zoover Award verliehen!



We received the popular Zoover award in 2014! Our Harz Moutnains hotel was rated well by the internet website´s users and they would recommend us!

The Zoover awards label accommodations with outstanding quality and popularity in the whole of Europe. To get the results, Zoover evaluated ratings for more than 100,000 accommodations. The Zoover awards were received in 60 countries in 2014.

About Zoover

Zoover.nl has over 2,300,000 ratings and 185 million users per year the biggest independent hotel rating website in the whole of Europe. Users can rate hotels, campsite, holiday destinations and sights in almost all languages. Zoover is represented in the following countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, the U.S., Brasil, Finnland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine.

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