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House Running – from June 2017 – Hotel Panoramic, Bad Lauterberg in the Harz region

Finally, it is time, on the 4th of June from 2pm onwards: our newest attraction ‘house running’ opens! In addition, we present you a diverse programme for the kids like our clown Figaro, face painting, mini golf for the whole family and much, much more. Nice food and cold drinks will be of course provided.

House running (sometimes called wall running or sky running) in the Harz region gives you the ultimate adrenaline rush: all participants run down the building walls vertically with their face faced downwards. This adventurous and trendy sport has now made it to the Harz area!

You will get safety equipment and get on the narrow platform at the outer wall of the Panoramic Hotel in Bad Lauterberg, Lower Saxony. You will start feeling the adrenalin the moment you take your first step off the edge. Come on! You will tilt forward and look 164 ft. down to the ground. Pure adrenalin! Once you´ve taken the first step you´ll start your exciting way down the building´s wall.


On the 4th June we offer you an opening price: 39,00 € per Person per ‘run’.

To book the house running call 0049 (0) 5524-9620 or send an e-mail to info@outdoorfriend.de.

For the foreseeable future we offer house running each Saturday from 100am until 4pm.

House Running in the Harz region– services:

  • instruction and preparation
  • appointment after booking for a weekend in 2017 (June until October)
  • equipment is provided
  • duration: about 1 hour
  • when the weather is bad new appointments will be scheduledEnjoy your unique experience!
  • for questions regarding the house running in the Harz region or for bookings please contact: info@outdoorfriend.de

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Many times, our hotel guests asked us where the most beautiful spot in the Harz area was. This question is of course not easy to answer since every tourist has their individual preferences. Nonetheless, we would like to introduce you to some of the most beautiful places in the region in our Harz blog.

Where to find the most beautiful spot in the Harz area?

The Harz is a ‘Mittelgebirge’ that has the highest elevations in Northern Germany and its rugged terrain extends across parts of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. Three nature parks, one biosphere reserve and a geopark form the national park. More than 1 million people visit the 1,141 metre-high (3,743 ft) Brocken annually. One of the most stunning holiday destinations is Bad Lauterberg with the close-by Oder Reservoir. Not to forget the destinations Braunlage and Torfhaus.

Bad Lauterberg is located in the South of Lower Saxony. Since the 19th century the mining town by the river Oder developed into a central for Kneipp aroma therapies and Schroth treatments. The oldest therapeutic bath in North Germany, located 24 miles away from Göttingen, includes a spa garden with an old stock of trees. Guests can enjoy concerts there. The stunning Saint Andreas Church is also a special place for cultural events and highlights. The historical old town offers many places to shop and various cafés. Down town you can find the local museum which is worth visiting and the German Diabetes Museum. The exhibition mine ‘Scholmzeche’ is very popular with families. The Oder Reservoir is right next to city area and a popular destination for water sports people, anglers and campers. Hiking lovers can hike up to the Bismarcktower on the mountain ‘Kummelberg’ or use the long-distance trail ‘Harzer Baudensteig’. Mountain bike trails, Nordic walking parks, the adventure pool VITAMAR, cross-country skiing trails and ski slopes on the mountain ‘Hausberg’ (click here to learn more about our winter offers) will give you the perfect active holiday experience.

The Brocken – the highlight of every Harz vacation

If you travel through the Harz region, you will come across the Brocken mountain many times. It used to be a military prohibited area, now the highest peak of the Harz Mountains has developed into a point of attraction. A paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. You can take a horse-drawn cart from the village Schierke. The mystical mountain landscape can also be reached with the Brocken Railway The trains start from the stations in Wernigerode and Drei-Annen-Hohe. Germany´s most elevated narrow-gauge railway takes you on a tour with a stunning view. The Brocken Garden exists since 1890 and visitors can watch the rare high-altitude plants daily on a tour with the national park ranger. The mountain´s impressive summit can be affected by weather changes, storms and fog in every season of the year.


Wonderful skiing holidays in Braunlage

The health resort Braunlage lays within the centre of the Harz region. It is one of the oldest ski resort in whole Germany. The most elevated resort of the region is located 3,300 ft. up the Wurmberg and is connected to the longest cable railway in North German. Next to the ski slopes you can use the toboggan run, the cross-country ski rails, go on a snow shoe hike or on a romantic horse carriage tour. The long-distance trail ‘Harzer Hexenstieg’ and the theme trail ‘Naturmythenpfad’ inspire many hikers during the summer months. The 35-acre big spa park plus the mountain garden offer a broad cultural programme. The natural monuments include the streams ‘Kleine Bodefall’ and ‘Große Bodefall’ and the stone cliff.

Torfhaus is a village in the borough of the mining town of Altenau situated at 2664 ft. and surrounded by the Harz national park. In the old days peat diggers used to live here who worked in the moorlands in the Upper Harz. Nowadays you can explore the regional ecosystem which serves as a precious habitat for rare plants and animals. on hiking trails and wooden bridges. You can reach the national park´s visitor centre with a beautiful view of the Brocken by public transport, by foot, bike or car. During winter, Torfhaus is a popular place for winter activities like skiing and tobogganing.

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The Harz area is a paradise for hikers and adventurous travellers who like to follow the magic paths of witches and forest spirits. Because the deep woods in the Harz Mountains are full of legends and myths which thrill young and older tourists likewise. Even though the overview doesn’t include all the sights and attraction that the Harz region has to offer, it gives you a good overlook of the best sights and destinations which you must see during your stay here.


What are the must-sees in the Harz region?

Exploring the Harz region, you will eventually go visit the mountain Brocken. The highest peak of the Harz Mountains lets the temperature drop and nature unfold in all its powerful greatness. Even if it´s warm and the valleys are green, a sudden snowfall or an ice storm can happen anytime up there. You can explore the Brocken with the Brocken railway or on a long and exhausting hike.

A trip with the Wurmberg cableway in Braunlage should also be part of your agenda. While taking the cableway to the peak of Lower Saxony´s highest mountain you can enjoy the view of the deep valleys. The trail “Baumwipfepfad” in Bad Harzburg and the Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz) in Goslar are a popular destination. One of the mystical attractions of the region is the unicorn cave which not only enchants little tourists. History fans should go visit the stave church in Hanenklee: its historical past will give you goose bumps. It is a fact that holidays in the Harz region are ideal for active families and couples. Of course, you can reach most attractions via cableway or HEX (Harz-Berlin-Express) but true beauty lies within the deep forests and scenic valleys which are best to explore on a hike.

Tip: Our hotel Panoramic in Bad Lauterberg is the ideal accommodation for a hiking holiday in the Harz Mountains.

From the fairy ring to the “Rosstrappe”

One of the most-known sights in the Harz area are the fairy ring and the “Rosstrappe” (a 403-metre-high (1,322 ft) granite crag in the Harz mountains). Every year like-minded people meet up in the Walpurgis Night to sit around the bonfire and wait for flyovers of the magical spirits. Even though no witch comes flying over them, visitors can experience a magical flyover themselves. You can cross the deep canyons with the cableway and enjoy an impressive panoramic view. The scenic places Schierke and Wernigerode belong to the popular destinations which you must visit during your stay. Wernigerode fascinates with its medieval charm and harmony which not only impresses wedding couples. Small and cosy restaurants and the medieval market square invite you to take a stroll. A sightseeing tour through the Harz region makes you hungry: Wernigerode is the perfect place to wine and dine.

The Harz area– a place with authentic and historical attractions

The deep and dark forest is the basis for many myths and legends. But it is also the place which enchants you with its scenic stillness and where you can be just by yourself. Cable cars and shuttle services allow you to reach beautiful spots without having to walk all the way (especially the tough parts). Cyclists are also more than welcome in the Harz area. Difficult trails over hills and valleys are waiting for you (you find our hotel arrangement for mountain bikers). The scenic places take you back to medieval times with their architecture and nature opening whole world full of magic and legends for you.

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