Matthias Mahn - Geschäftsführender Direktor

Matthias Mahn

My name is Matthias Mahn and I have been the director at this very special business since 2008. My ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our guests!

The past few years have been really exciting and we have had many new challenges to meet. Therefore, I am glad that we have set and achieved important milestones.

Thanks to the whole team here we reached a high level of customer satisfaction in the last years. In 2015 we received the second level from “ServiceQualität”. The “Q” is the seal for service quality in Germany. The focus of “Service Qualität Deutschland Stufe II” (service quality Germany level II) lies in the conscious evaluation of the quality of management and service. Many companies and enterprises nationwide have been awarded the “Q”, so that the service quality can be maintained, and we can deliver a high level of service.

Through the training and qualification programme we analyse our customer service from the perspective of the customer, and we try to improve internal process continuously and consequently.

That’s how we want to develop the relationship between us and our customers. Since March 2016 we have been developing a new apartment and room categorisation the superior hotel rooms and superior apartment rooms are newly renovated and deliver new catering options.

  • The development of a colourful exterior
  • The expansion of the “Panoramic brand”

Of course, we have many investments still ahead of us and we won’t be resting on our laurels; that’s why we are looking optimistically into the future and keep setting ourselves continued new goals.

We would really love to further our customer satisfaction, further the renovation process of our apartments, so there is still a lot to do here and we’ve already done a lot already!

Mr. Matthias Mahn


Telephone: +49 (0) 5524/962-0

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