“Qualitätsgastgeber“: awarded by the association Wanderbares Deutschland

27. May 2016 0

Sometimes the little things make a great difference when it comes to service. Hikers for example appreciate it when they can hang their clothes and equipment in a room to dry at an accommodation, or when they can store their hiking shoes properly, when their host offers good hiking tips, maps and information about the current weather forecast. And if you are on a longer tour, you preferably just want to stay for one night and already book the next accommodation for the next part of the hike or use a luggage transport. “These things are actually a matter of course”, says deputy managing director Andreas Lehmberg from the “Harzer Tourismusverbandes (HTV)” (Harz tourism association). Well yes actually that’s right Andreas. That is why the German hiking association introduced the term “Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland” (quality host for hiking trips in Germany) so that these accommodations can be more easily recognised for their good conditions for hiking vacations.

For over three year the hotel Panoramic in Bad Lauterberg is one of over 1,600 certified hiking friendly hosts in Germany and one of currently 29 in the Harz region. And that is how it is going to stay like for the next three years at least. Because on Friday, 20th May 2016, the hotel was recertified after Dr Rainer Schulz , representative of the hiking association and official inspector for the certification process, has checked the conditions again. The Hotel Panoramic in Bad Lauterberg is now also officially an ideal hotel for a hiking holiday in the Harz region.

The Harz region as a must for hiking tours

Andreas Lehmberg is delighted because hiking is not just an old person’s activity but rather the most popular outdoor activity in Germany. And with over 4970 miles of signposted trails, the Harz has become a must for hiking tours for hiking lovers. Also: ‘The Harz Witches’ Trail (“Harzer Hexenstieg”) and the Karst Trail (“Karstwanderweg”) are two officially awarded “quality hiking trails”. The quality should also be seen in local accommodation possibilities.

For the hotel manager Matthias Seidel the only logical thing to do is to apply for the quality seal especially because the region is so popular with hiking lovers and because it is important in the tourism industry to persuade with great service so that the guests are happy. He thinks that his business is on the right track: “Our hotel´s focus on families and hikers is perfect since more and more parents want to actively excite their kids about nature”, says Seidel. Most importantly, the hiking community unites very different people, adds Janine Holzigel, person responsible for sales and marketing. Either families with small children, young couples, small groups or elderly people, alone or with their grandkids – they all love to hike. “Very popular with our guests are the trails in the direction of the centre with a stop at the mountain Hausberg and the Bismarcktower on their way back as well as the tour to the Oder Dam only 2 miles away.”

The Harz region should be more promoted

That does not surprise Matthias Seidel, on the contrary. He thinks that the Harz region is generally a great holiday destination. Even when the weather is bad you can go visit museums, mines, swimming pools etc. Especially interesting is Bad Lauterberg with its boulevards, swimming pools and amazing locations, “the residents just have to open their eyes.” That´s why he hopes that his hotel´s initiative serves as a good example: “We must learn to promote ourselves differently and more confident.” Part of that is, in his opinion, that more people should think tourism orientated and that the East and the West of the region are being recognised as a unity.

With certification and badge (from left to right) Janine Holzigel, Matthias Seidel, Andreas Lehmberg and Panoramic employee Monika Resagk during the official receiving of the certification.

source: „Boris Janssen / www.lauterneues.de

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